APQS machines are wonderful!
I upgraded to my Millennium Longarm machine in 2010
and enjoyed working with it so much
– I became the Demo Rep for England!

APQS make a range of machines to suit 
all budgets and different styles of work 
– call to make an appointment for a Demo.

Please click on the links below to find out more about these fantastic machines
then call to make an appointment to see them in action.
Training included with each purchase as well as full after sales support
and a lifetime warranty.
Additional lessons also available

Longarm Lessons

And did you know – 
you can do more than just quilt with a longarm machine!
– quilting / quick piecing / binding / 
 free motion embroidery / couching / weaving ……..
and much more!

I look forward to meeting you !

This is the George
which is a static machine set into 
a collapsible table.  With a 20″ throat space 
and table area 24″ x 60″
– there is plenty of room to manouvre
the fabric easily
The Lenni also has a 20″ throat space 
and operates as a longarm machine
so – there is  no basteing! 
The fabric is loaded onto rollers 
and stays still while you move the
machine to quilt.  The stitch regulator keeps 
all your stitches nice and even.
Table size varies from 8ft to 12ft
The Millennium is the 
top-end longarm machine.
With a 26″ throat space there is 
plenty of room to let 
your creativity genie fly!
Tables sizes available from 8ft – 14 ft

Also available are the LUCEY and the FREEDOM 
With a longarm machine – there are many ways 
to transfer your quilting designs into your quilt.
Lessons available – please contact Ani 
to discuss what you would like to explore.

Use combinations of techniques 
to make truly unique and individually creative quilts

To name just a few ….

– totally free hand design (drawing with your machine)

– mark the quilt

– stitch through tissue paper

– follow a pre-printed paper panto

– use a circle attachment

– computerised /digitised design

– ruler work